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Women hate these 11 things in men

Women hate these 11 things in men

Women hate these 11 things in men : You have everything for you. The job, good looking body. But your girl is not happy with you, you might don’t know what is wrong but you don’t have any idea about it.

Take my advice and go through this list. It may turn out to be the best decision of your life.

Obsessed with your body

If your are a fitness freak it’s okay. That is good going to a gym. It will add few years to your life cycle. But going over into it is not a good choice. Let it down a bit. Because you might be making girl conscious about their body. This may bring gap between you. So going crazy about your body is not good for your married life.

Gallantry is desirable

In the modern world gender equality is taking over like a storm. Some acts like opening the door for her. taking care of her, putting your hand in hand will make her feel special. Show her your romantic angle. She will love it. Showing some courtesy towards women is important.

Ambition less

Now, this is a very unattractive trait. Ni women wants a men whose biggest ambition is to watch a movie endurance contest with out any impediment.

Flirting with other girls

Habit of flirting with other women Could be making your girlfriend insecure. That is not what she desires in any way you have your girl. If you want to flirt, flirt with your girl all you want. Flirting with other women may bring distrubanc in your married life.


Jealousy is not the best policy. Going over every single time she talks to shut is not a very nice thing to do. Going jealousy of your girl is not good. Try to be a good understanding man. A woman and a men can have a conversation with out any hidden agenda.


Self grooming is good but going overboard with it is not good. While we have come a long from the days of the cave man to being todayssophisticated creatures, some men take it upon themselves to remind the world of therarly. Woman like their men well mannered and presentable.

Throwing money around

Being responsible about your money is important, girls don’t like spending money on unnecessary stuff like spending money on alcohol and other stuff.


I will give top spot to feelings or rather a mans apparent inability to express his feelings and talk about them to a woman issues arise when you cannot see the thin line which separates the two.


This is something you want to avoid at all costs. All of us know who wins the argument. Do not turn the conversation or discussion into an argument. Be patient and understanding.

Sense of humour

Having a good sense of humour is always favorable to a agging scowling face. Girls like sense of humour. It will make your date more comfortable around you.

Just not romantic enough

Woman like to portray that tough, not a helpless girl attitude but at heart, they realways going to be hopeless romantic. If your that guy who thinks romance is an alien concept, your going to have a tough time with the women.

Women hate these 11  things in men

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