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Objectives of modern business

Objectives of modern business

Objectives of modern business: The objective is a end point towards where a business activity is directed. It is the  main reason for the existence of an organisation. It provides the detection and alos serve as reference point. Every business is influenced by social and cultural activity of the given economy. It is also influenced by economic activity of the country. The business activities cannot be separated from the social activities. Business activities and society reactions are inverses in character. The pattern of business are decided by the social and cultural facet of the people. Therefore business objectives are regularise by the social and cultural activities.  Ever since the trade economy came into being business objectives was to exchange goods or services for a circumstances and make profit. Maximum profit is the main business objective has been pass on to the back and became a secondary facet of business. Objective of modern business is very wide based. The view of the modern society is an ecological one. Ecology is obsessed with a common relations of human populations or system with the environment. It is important to take this wide view because the involvement of business are extensive. Business cannot be separated itself from the rest of the society. The whole society is a business environment.

Significance of ideas in business

They also described three ideas. Which are important of business operations from the view point of public and ecology. They are

To run the business successfully economy values are required. Viability to drive to live and grow to accomplish the goals not yet reached and also to achieve the living system is capable of becoming. Public visibility it is about telltale the business activity of a firm to out side people which study business to critical examination and judgement by public. Thus business objectives is to satisfy the societal needs through its honesty operations. Earning profit is a secondary thing.

Increasing the sales volume, raising the market shares, Increasing the assets providing employment to people dominating the market earning less profit prevent competition and discharge social responsibility and also manage human resources of the business and providing them untitled business atmosphere.

Business provides a opportunity to show the hidden talent in businessman also brings out skill hidden in the businessman. Every business has its merits and dimerits. Risk involved in business. Risk heading is an essential objective. When a entrepreneur takes risk he expects some economic gain or some profit earning. A businessman should crush the people in the process of making profit. He should be fair and loyal in his operations and venting the social responsibility by doing honesty business practices. He should continuosly supply the goods and services at reasonable rate and satisfy the needs of the public. It should create utility like time, place or form utility. Business should work for the company growth and survival. Businessman should take care of employees welfare human resources of a company should be managed with human touch. Business provides scope for the developing the company in terms of increasing national dividend and also contribute the growth of a company


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