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Most 7 reasons for divorce

Most 7 reasons for divorce

Most 7 reasons for divorce : To enjoy your married life with out any disturbance. Follow the below article.

Divorce it mean dissolution of a marriage. It has many facet attached to it where it takes a lot to make a marriage work and to add peaceful to live your life, one worng decision makes any marriage difficult to live. India is the one of the countries with the lowest divorce rates in the world. This can be hard to hold on for someone who is about to get married. The scenario is rapidly changing during the last few years, the statistics have seen a multifold increase in the figure. So how , what are the real reasons for divorce, lets look at the most common reasons for divorce. All you need us to study the reasons behind.

Most 7 reasons for divorce


Extracurricular affairs are responsible for the breakdown of most marriage that end in divorce. Trust and faithfulness are the building blocks of the relationship. Anger and the bitterness are common underlying reasons for cheating and along with difference in sexual appetite it start as an emotional affairs which later becomes a physical affairs


They are one saying, money makes people funny, and it’s true. Money really touches everything it impact people live clearly. Money and stress do seens to go hand in hand for many couples

Lack of communication

Communication is a crucial in marriage and not being able to communication effectively and quickly leads to bitterness and irritation for both, effecting all aspects of a marriage separation are high if both partners are Career oriented and have different goals in their respective lives. The chance of separation are high. Lack of communication or a frequency  mismatch also acts as a lose end in Marriage


 Lack of attachment

Not able to being connected to your partners can quickly ruin a marriage because. They feel like they are living with a stranger or more than like roomates than partners. If you are continually giving your partners the cold shoulder. Practice little act of kindness, appreciation and enjoy physical intimacy as much as possible to sweeten your relationship


Physical or emotional misapply is a sad reality for some couples. No one should tolerate abuse and be remering yourself from the relationship safely is important. Even best intentions couples are sometimes unable to overcome their challenges and end up in court that’s why it is important to address matter in your relationship on . Don’t wait until they are beyond fixing. It is not always base from the maltreated being a bad person deep emotional issues are usually to blame

Lack of equality

When partners feels that they take on more responsibility in the marriage it can change their view of the other person and lead to resentments. To enjoy the respectful. Harmonies and joyfully relationship. Every couple must arrange through their own and special set of challengers, and find their own way of living together as two equals

Forced marriage

A surprising number of couple of all ages have blamed about their forced marriage life for the death of their relationship

India has a lowest divorce rate. In the divorce rate of  India ranks lowest among all countries of the world because, India’s respect for its culture and social ethics.

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