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Stock market vs Bitcoin

Stock market vs Bitcoin

Stock market is an important mean of investment for a long time compared to bitcoin. Bitcoin has been approached as a digital currency. Although it is a bitcoin principal use. It’s not only restricted to this. In spite of its volatile nature. It has proved to be a alternative assets for the millions of people

Capacity to make profit

In a stock market to make a Β  considerable profit on your investment. We should require a lot of patience for the profit because it is a slow process and also could take few years. Bitcoin has became famous for its volatile nature as there are solid swings in its value in a short time of period. Therefore, buying Bitcoin with the same amount of risk takes as investing in a share market prove to be a fleet alternative in term of making profit.

Global reach

Bitcoins have no borderline as they accepted in 180 countries world wide they are really global in nature and can easily transfer at an unbelievable low transaction fees. As it apposed to this many tralatitious investments require official recognition. Are limited to qualified Institutional buyers and also invite high fees. This calibre of Bitcoin is addressing the consern of many large institution investor are inviting them onboard


The factor that Bitcoin can never be make beyond 21 million in number by more and more merchant is causing a steady rise in the demand for Bitcoin. Ensure that demand is always more then supply. Because the supply is the very important. Making it sensitive to invest in Bitcoin. On the antonymous, there is no limitations enforced in the share market which assure a inevitable trend between demand and supply.

Risk factors

There had been some interest over the volatile nature of the Bitcoin system as it is purely based on the demand and supply as well. The risk is the same in the case of the share market

The differentiation factor, in term of government banking, that stock market is safe to invest. While Bitcoin belongs to a redistributed network. Yet there are so many members who have been trusted this network and able to earn profit in millions of dollars.

Ease trading

Stock markets take away a respectable amount of investment as trading charges like taxes and broken charges etc. To start trading in stock market, he has to go through the odd hassle of finding a certified broker to start demat account and further lose a respectable charge for the investment in brokerage charges

On the antonymous, buying Bitcoins is money making with its marginal transaction fees. this transaction also clean, fast, crystalline and one side transaction. All you need to pick a bitcoin wallet and assure you give the right wallet address while trading. If you lost the address there is no option of getting it back. A bitcoin become a remarkable development and also accepted in 180 countries worldwide. No matter what fluctuations in the value. It remains independent, Bitcoin is not affected by the policies of any government. The transaction made through Bitcoin is very low transaction fees.




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