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Here the India’s most handsome politicians

Here the India’s most handsome politicians

Here the India’s most handsome politicians : Wearing a white kurta, standing in the middle of the crowd and  motivating them for a better tomorrow.There not just quality of being laputan, but even their looks have made them famous across the globe. Do you remember the movie paastarring Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan. In an interview, he said that I modelled my look after Sachin nutot and Milind Deora in the film. Let’s take a look at the most Good looking politicians that the world looks upto.

Chirag Paswan

Chirag has a B. tech in computer science. He acted in a Bollywood movie mitey naa Miley hum in 2011. The film was a huge digester at the box office and there the end of his acting career.

He was the one of the most handsome politicians in India. He turned to politics and cantested the 2014 election as lok janshakti party candidate. He won the seat by defeating against his rival Sudhanshu Shekhar Bhaskar. He also owns a NGO named Chirag Paswan foundation.

Jyotiraditya madhavrao scindia 

He received an MBA from the st anford graduate school of business in 2001. He studied economics at Harvard University and graduated in 1993. He is the chairman of the regional Madhya Pradesh cricket association in India. He was elected to the lok sabha in February 2002 from Guna district and he was introduced to the union council of minister in 2007 as minister of State for communication and information technology. Scindia was appointed minister of State for power in November 2012.

Anurag Thakur


Anurag Thakur was studied at Dayanand model school, Jalandhar. And he completed his BA from doaba college Jalandhar. Thakur played a Ranji trophy match against Jammu and Kashmir in November 2000. When he was the president of HPCA and appointed himself as the chairman of selectors of HPCA Ranji trophy cricket team. He was the president of the board of control for cricket in India. Thakur is also the founder of the honor our women foundation, on initiative that works for creating social awareness about women’s issues.


Kalikesh Narayan Singh deo 

The leader of the Biju dal political party, kalikesh narayan singh deo belongs to a political family  where this father, ananga Udaya Singh deo, and his grandfather Rajendra Narayan Singh deo was chief minister of Odisha. he graduated in economics from St. Stephen’s college, Delhi University. He has represented India in shooting and basketball. He was a part of jr. National and up state basketball team in 1990 to 1991, and also the received a gold medal in trap shooting in 1991. Deo was the youngest member of the Odisha lagislative assembly, to which he was returned in 2004 as a representative of the saintala.

Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi comes from the Nehru Gandhi family. He served as the chairperson of the India Youth Congress and the national students union of India. He also serve as trustee of Rajiv Gandhi foundation and Rajiv Gandhi charitable trust. He also served as a general secretary in the all India Congress committee. Due to a secret reasons the constantly had to shift schools in his youth. He studied abroad under a anonym, his identity being a secret. It is known only to a select few including University afficials and security agencies. He was president of Indian national Congress.

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